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During June this year, Sinotruk Northern Shandong branch visited clients in their area to have customers get to know 2 of Sinotruk National III products, specially the world-level technical features and advantages of EGR National III for the customers to experience the benefit caused by EGR National III new items.

On June 8, the marketing manager of the section of Northern Shandong branch, and also the manager of the 4S shop Liaocheng Wuzhou Special Truck Company went on road show with 5 HOWO heavy trucks with advertising materials about the Howo Engine Parts to the places of Yanggu, Gaotang, Linqing, Kuanxian, and Chiping. The fleet endured hardship for too long journey visiting big customers and achieving forums. On June 27, a training meeting was held with dealers and refitting companies from 8 prefectures and cities inside the control of Northern Shandong branch with nearly 200 participants and with topics of the technical features of Sinotruk National III products and marketing strategies. Yun Qingtai, vice general manager of Sinotruk Sales Department, arrived at the meeting for that promotion. On July 5, the road show will likely be around parts of Weifang and Dongying for product promotion, which can be ready for the fleet to go.

Concentrating on Sinotruk National III products, Northern Shandong branch made in details the preparation concerning the actions in the road show with different models and also the ways of activities in every single area, and tried their best to get the customers comprehend the ideal product in mind. Concurrently, the branch company organized the education for internal partial staff on technology, which is for that marketing persons to overall comprehend the features of high-pressure common-rail and EGR in the 2 National III products, and the benefits of Sinotruk in order to hold the dealers and large customers understand Sinotruk National III products as detailed as possible.

In the meeting in Zibo for your training of Sinotruk National III products, dealers and marketing persons of refitting companies expressed in succession that denouncing EGR National III engine just came the manufacturer who had no such technology, that is misleading! One businessman from Shandong Lufeng refitting factory said with deep feeling: “my visit to view the item is worthwhile and EGR engine is really the product ideal for Chinese conditions!” Shandong Liaocheng area is definitely the traditional logistics industry for coal transportation, and then there are almost a dozen or so of trucking companies in each one of the county. In the forums using the noyqzc locked in locations separately, the attendants showed high enthusiasm about Sinotruk National III products.

The manager of Guanxian 2nd Transport Company said immediately the company had developed big business with Sinotruk vehicles and he trusted Sinotruk products; and National III standard was to be implemented obligatorily through the government from July 1 and he was concerned with the right fuel supply in China, and HOWO A7 was just the solution to his problem, and then he was likely to eliminate some vehicles that had been all substituted for HOWO EGR National III heavy trucks! In the forum in Shenxian for the promotion of the product with big customers, the notice had been brought to 60 representatives and more than 100 people came to the meeting, certainly one of which had been persuading the salesman of Northern Shandong branch he was going to get the 4 HOWO road show trucks, and also the salesman made the explanation patiently and undertook the brand new trucks for the customer would come within 15days, and the customer was reluctant to sign the purchase contract using the dealer.