Who Viewed My Profile – Does It Be Any Better Than This.

Within the last several years, social network sites enabled by Web 2. technologies have dramatically changed the way we search on the internet. What was once a one-way connection has transformed into a dynamic connective medium, allowing users to talk about an array of content including blogs, photos, videos, and a lot more.

Yet how have social networks like Who Viewed My Profile changed the way web marketers advertise online? For just one, they’ve made our jobs easier. Facebook is the best medium to promote in a environment that’s viral by nature. These online social directories work with an interactive format that allows users to create a personal profile, connect with other users, and share content.

In a sense, these users have already effectively segmented themselves, coming together through like interest groups and connecting through content. These behaviors, that are inherent to social media and enabled by Web 2., create valuable networks of targeted and specific demographic groups. Now more than ever before, the “Net Generation” is becoming involved in social media marketing and presenting web marketers with the ability to market to predefined segments of internet surfers, positioning branded messages on sites where these users spend time online.

Moreover, these social network sites are growing with an exponential rate, adding more and more users from more diverse backgrounds. Initially, Facebook was made simply for students, but last year, it had been opened to anyone with an email address. Based on Microsoft, Facebook is the sixth most trafficked site in the Usa, and today has over 73 million registered users in 40,000 different collegiate, secondary school, work-related, and geographic networks. This represents a 530% growth rate over twelve months alone.

The tactic whereby advertisers get in touch with these segmented online audiences is known as Social Media Marketing (SMM). SMM has developed into a popular tool for search engine optimization (SEO) due to its unique capacity to improve website visibility, name recognition, and brand awareness among specific online audiences with the acquisition of any network of relevant links.

What exactly opportunities does Facebook gift for targeted internet marketing efforts? Among Web users ages 18-24, Facebook placed first on the set of favorite sites in Youth Trends latest survey. Over 70% of females ages 17-25 indicated that Facebook was their preferred site in terms of time spent online. For guys, this figure was still a strong 56%. These demographic is clearly technology-driven, because of their growing up in a culture that considers time online an integral aspect of everyday life. More than half of the surveyed visited Facebook at least once a day, logging typically 35 minutes on the site.

Furthermore, these users understand online environments and they are adept at seeking out and finding specific bits of content they’re thinking about. Thus, social networking sites, especially Facebook, present online marketers with the ability to engage users with advertising messages at critical moments of relevance.

Just how are we able to utilize social networking to effectively engage these elusive audiences of young adults? Listed here are several ideas on how to utilize social networking on Facebook.

Connect Through Groups: Facebook posseses an infinite number of shared interest groups which users join for many reasons. These groups cover an infinite number of subjects and interests, from marine ewmliu to snowboarding to politics to rap music to Italian food. Regardless of what your interest or target market, there exists a group for you personally. Carry it from me. I’ve been an authorized Facebook user, or “Facebooker” since 2003, and I’ve seen a group for everything, literally. Many even have a local focus, like Denver Broncos fan groups or Denver Chinese Students Group. All these groups has its own page with a forum, discussion board, photo gallery, etc. This is actually the best place to position messages intended for specific niche audiences, as you’re almost guaranteed everyone who sees it fits your target profile. In the past, once i was attempting to drive traffic to a youtube video site I was working for, I placed descriptive and enticing links to relevant videos on the group’s “wall,” or discussion board. I saw great outcomes as most of the individuals this specific group, which was focused on skiing, followed these links to look at videos with regards to their favorite sport, skiing.