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Most pet dog owners will agree that safety factors a fundamental element of pet dog walking. However, most will not go far enough in terms of making sure that their dogs and are observed in darker conditions. In the event you venture out on those dark early morning or evening strolls, a primary consideration needs to be about being visible to drivers as well as other pedestrians. It is quite simple to do and definately will are less expensive than you may think.

Most of us have heard about those traffic collisions on the major road systems, but we often miss a few of the other serious and often fatal collisions nearer to home. Many of these involve animals and humans in fact it is our responsibility to ensure that we keep these incidents as low as possible. There is no doubt that at certain times, drivers can look like driving on auto pilot. If we have a regular journey, you can find times when we are able to look into areas of our sub-conscious in terms of a familiar A-B route.

The truth is that car drivers can often miss obvious danger signs, especially in low lit areas on roads and pavements. An owner walking their pet dog at night is often missed, unless they could make themselves known to the driver. Giving an automobile driver a little visual nudge can help those to identify a potentially dangerous event as well as their senses could be more in tune to adapt and react to that event. The usage of reflective clothing or Famous Lighted Dog Collar Guide can make certain they are aware you are there and fortunately, there are plenty of simple high visibility pet products to make sure that you stay safe when walking at night:

LED Leads
Another option is to purchase a lead which has a string of LED lights inside, which again flashes off and on. These could be charged up by plugging right into a USB port. A few will also operate via solar technology so all you need to do is hang them up inside a sun lit window in the daytime. Leads of the type also incorporate reflective fabric which increases your visibility at night. Both high visibility jackets and LED leads are a low cost and effective way to keep both yourself as well as your pet dog safe when walking at night.

LED Pendants
You can even buy LED pendants which fit to your dog’s collar, so they remain visible when they somehow get off the lead. These units will often work on cell batteries and they are generally really cheap to purchase.

Increased Visibility Outdoor jackets

You will frequently see workmen wearing reflective clothing and you could now purchase something similar to your pet dog. The jacket is placed within the torso of the animal and has several reflective strips that catch the lighting from any passing car or street light.

You could add further visibility by buying a pet dog jacket which has LED lights incorporated into the design which flashes off and on. LEDs demand a low quantity of capacity to work and can last for many walks. The jacket option does mean that if you let your pet dog off of the lead you will notice them as they rush off in to the darkness.

Many pet dog owners choose a mixture of the techniques described for increasing visibility during the night. Your choices you make depends on a variety of factors. A few will select a pendant if their pet dog does not want to wear clothes yet others will select a LED lead if their pet dog has long fur as well as a flashing pet dog collar can get lost within the long hair.

Spending a modest amount of funds on reflective, high visibility jackets and Flashing websites is a good investment but don’t forget about the human element. Four-legged friend owners may also wear jackets, arm bands and flashing pendants to capture the attention in fact it is a tiny price to pay for you and the dog’s safety and well being when out on those dark nights and mornings. A good principle, is to make sure that on the large pet dog, you can slip two fingers in between the dogs throat as well as the collar. Also ensure the collar can rotate easily, however, not slip within the dogs ears. On smaller dogs, ensure the collar can rotate easily and does not cause any breathing problems. Make certain it cannot pull within the dogs ears. Understand that within the right situation, many dogs may become little Houdini’s in their own right.